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Houston Texans It wouldn't be early retirement for J.Carson Wentz Jersey.J.Doug Martin Jersey. Watt Intentionally or not,Ezekiel Elliott Jersey, Houston Texans defensive end J.Mike Evans Jersey.J.Laremy Tunsil Jersey. Watt is making headlines with his words this National Football League offseason.Mark Ingram Jersey. If you are anything like me,Carson Wentz Jersey, you probably have a routine that you follow just about every morning.Darrelle Revis Jersey. I was in the middle of my routine of having a cup of coffee and checking out sports stories on Monday morning when I noticed some interesting phrases appear on Twitter.Jason Witten Jersey. These phrases hinted that Watt could retire from the NFL sooner than some may think.Aaron Rodgers Jersey. At first, these Tweets were barely worth a second glance. April 18 was not the first day this month that it has been claimed that Watt could consider walking away from the NFL while in his physical prime. There is bound to be at least a little bit of fire when there is so much smoke, and my Twitter timeline was admittedly a bit smoky on Monday morning. A small amount of investigating directed me to this Monday Morning Quarterback piece produced by Peter King. While speaking with King, Watt discussed his comeback from a serious and painful groin injury. The All-Pro routinely labeled as the best defensive player in the NFL today also talked to King about his long-term playing future. This couldn't possibly be the smoking gun I believed I would find in the MMQB piece